Amy Peterson

Amy Peterson has been a licensed medical aesthetician for more than 12 years, developing strategies and procedures to promote heathy and flawless skin. After training at the Vonn Lee International School of Esthetics, she relocated to Seattle, where she worked as the director of the skincare division for a world-renowned plastic surgeon for eight years. She has treated thousands of patients with some of the leading ultrasound and laser technology, and she also worked as a clinical educator for mega companies, Ulthera and Fraxel. Now located in Miami, Amy has combined all of her training, experience, and expertise to offer the best in results-driven skin care solutions.

She truly believes the skin is a wonderful, dynamic organ - the largest in our body, in fact. It is what the world sees when we step outside. Yet, as you likely know, it can be tremendously frustrating to keep your skin healthy! There are so many ways our skin can misbehave, whether from unlucky genetics or misguided care. The good news is that no matter the problem or the cause, Amy has the tools and knowledge to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin back to optimal health.

Amy sets herself apart by creating a unique and customized approach to every patient. There is no single formula that works for everyone. Amy offers a combination of cutting-edge skin solutions including Ultherapy, Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial, Microneedling,Vi Peel and LED Mask therapy, as well as tried and true fixes for more common skin issues. She also offers a full line of personally-selected skin care products. A combination of modern treatments along with a recommended at-home skin care regimen keeps her clients looking and feeling fabulous, fresh and healthy.